Prevention of litigation is the main goal of Legal Fair; and to achieve such goal, we take all the necessary precautionary measures in the very beginning of all relationships and also we seek all the amicable ways at the beginning of any conflict in order to avoid going to courts.

Legal Fair aims to take the necessary precautionary measures to avoid legal disputes’ risks that consume a lot of time to achieve the client’s main target, precisely civil and commercial disputes caused by contracts. In this regard; Legal Fair settles the legal position between the contracting parties to settle such dispute through convincing each party to carry out its obligations.

Since any person, company, enterprise or entity can be sued at any time, Legal Fair has a special and professional method to handle the different kinds of despites, this method is based on taking in consideration the petty details of the case in order to set the defensive and offensive plans tightly, that clearly appears in drafting the memorandum of law built on legal research and supported by court rulings of the Court of Cassation going through the legal pleading before the Egyptian Courts till the final court ruling is issued in which Legal Fair does its best to reach the best possible result.

Legal Fair settles a lot of lawsuits through a professional team of Attorneys at law at the different courts of Egypt including all the Governorates, such as: the commercial lawsuits, the civil lawsuits and criminal lawsuits (felonies and misdemeanors) and Economic courts lawsuits.

Finally Legal Fair pays a special attention to the lawsuits filed by the governmental authorities against the institutes and the commercial and industrial companies such as: lawsuits of commercial fraud, supply, customs smuggling, and others; because these kinds of lawsuits are repetitive and happens frequently in both commercial and industrial sectors.