Industrial and Free Zones Sector

  1. Reserving and allocating the industrial lands in different industrial zones.

  2. Getting and Renewing the licenses and approvals required for starting the operation.

  3. Services of connecting utilities required during the construction period and for starting the operation.

  4. Managing the Industrial Projects under construction.

  5. Post-operation of factories services.

  6. Settling the legal positions.

  7. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

  8. Industrial Contracts.

Legal Fair is exclusively the only window for these services in Egypt, since there’s no other firm that provides that kind of services entirely. There are few firms that provide certain limited services in this wide field, while Legal Fair works in this entire field that includes reserving the allocating the industrial lands, managing the industrial projects under construction, getting and renewing the licenses and approvals required for the production, drafting the industrial contracts and settling the legal situation of factories lacking official documents …etc.

Legal Fair provides legal, procedural, documentary, and administrative services to different industrial fields like: chemicals industry, petrochemical industry, food industry, bakery industry, dairy industry, livestock and fishery industry, meat industry, cosmetics industry, Pharmaceutical industry, paper and carton industry, mining industry, oil and gas industry, Metals and castings industry, oil manufacture industry, manufacture and assembly of electronics and its derivatives, electrical industry, manufacture and assembly of vehicles, manufacture and assembly of drilling machines, animal feed industry, Fertilizer industry, clothing, furniture and textile industry, building and ship breaking, grinding grain and gins, refining industries, Industrial projects of Energy-intensive, Small and medium-sized enterprises … Etc.

1. Reserving and allocating the industrial lands in different industrial zones

Legal Fair studies and makes sure to clearly understand the client’s needs and goals precisely in terms of the factory’s activity, area, the nature of the its buildings and the height of each building, selling the product in the local or the international market, volume of the factory’s exports, the countries from which the factory will import, nature of the product itself whether solid or liquid, packaging method of the product, the environmental influence of this industry, amount of production expected after operation, and the maximum production capacity expected in the future.

From this perspective; Legal Fair’s experts analyze all such data, and then recommend the industrial zone appropriate to this industry – whether this zone is under the control of the governorates, IDA, Economic Zones, Public or Private Free Zones, Investment Zones, or the Golden Triangle Zone – and explain the advantages of such recommended industrial zone and the difference between it and the other zones and also the reasons for why this industrial zone has been recommended.

After finalizing every detail with the client and checking if the required area of the land is available, Legal Fair sets a time plan to reserve and receive the land.

2. Getting and Renewing the licenses and approvals required for starting the operation

Legal Fair completes all the procedures relating to getting the licenses and approvals required for starting the factory’s operation and the renewals thereof whether these licenses and approvals were issued by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the General Authority for Industrial Development “IDA”, Urban Communities Authority with its different cities bodies, Governorates, Ministries, or different Concerned Departments or Authorities.

Legal Fair handles the procedures of getting the preliminary and final approvals required for setting up an industrial project, the environmental approval, civil defense approval, industrial security approval, health offices approvals, and registering at the Industries Union, boiler licenses from the Steam Boilers Department. Further; Legal Fair also handles the procedures of getting the construction licenses including all its formalities.

Legal Fair prepares the factory’s operation file and all the required documents in this regard, including the company’s documents like the commercial register, the tax card and so on and the project’s utilities contracts such as electricity contracts, water contracts, sewage contracts, natural gas contracts, and all above technical licenses and approvals. Then; all these procedures are done including fixing the technical inspections from the Technical Committees to inspect the industrial project and decide whether the reality matches the documents included in the operation file or not, and then following-up with the Technical Committees’ reports till getting the operation license in order to start the factory’s production legally.

After getting the operation license; Legal Fair completes the procedures of getting the final industrial register after providing the legal advice to fill the industrial register application in the right way, that comes out of Legal Fair’s experience of the governmental authorities’ requirements taking in consideration the client’s needs. Then, Legal Fair arranges and attends the technical discussions in coordination with the technical departments of the client and also arranges the inspections – if there’s any -, till getting the industrial register.

3. Services of connecting utilities required during the construction period and for starting the operation

Legal Fair handles the procedures of connecting all the utilities required to the factory’s operation such as water connection, electricity connection, natural gas connection, sanitary connection, industrial waste, getting diesel approval from EGPC, that after providing the client with the necessary information about the consumption capacity that suits the project volume and type of machines used in production, aiming at meeting the client’s needs during the construction going through the operation in addition to the information related to the consumption rates.

Out of Legal Fair’s philosophy regarding committing to time plans, we set a time plan to connect such required utilities.

Further; Legal Fair handles the connection of temporary utilities (electricity and water) during the constructions period till starting the actual operation of the factory.

4. Managing the Industrial Projects under construction

The industrial project under construction needs full administration till the construction is done and the factory starts the operation within the fixed time limit, without bearing additional costs exceed the project’s budget taking in consideration the quality standards specified by the project’s owners.

Most of the under-construction industrial projects administrations do not hire the technical departments’ members such as: purchasing department, supplies department, accounts department, warehouse department, HR department and logistics department; instead they depend on temporary technical team during this period of time out of their believe that the industrial projects under-construction need a special experience that differs from the experience needed in the permanent staff of the factory during operation, and also out of their need to decrease the expenses during this period of time and out of their need to avoid:-

  • The problem of getting working and residence permits to the company’s foreign staff.
  • Hiring a permanent Egyptian staff.
  • Hiring a project management company as they mainly focus only on the technical geometrical issues not any other administrative issues.
  • Bearing additional cost against hiring a contracting company or project management company.
  • Wasting time during the construction and not sticking to the time plan framed by the company.
  • Not paying attention to the factory’s documents that badly affects the factory after its operation.
  • Having to prepare an administrative building for the administration team.

 Out of all that; Legal Fair innovated an idea of providing project management services in order to facilitate the constructions and overcome all the obstacles that might delay the construction progress and also crises management in order to save time, money and get the aimed quality during the execution of the project. Hence; Legal Fair does the follows:-

  • Provides temporary team (manpower) existing all the time inside the project to administrate the purchasing, accounts, warehouses and coordinate with the contractors to fulfills their needs.
  • Representing the project before the governmental authorities and non governmental authorities.
  • Dealing with all kinds of sudden governmental inspections.
  • Avoiding problems and obstacles that are expected to occur.
  • Providing fast solutions to the unexpected problems that occur.
  • Keep all the project’s documents organized professionally to be delivered at the end of the project to the permanent concerned departments.
  • Providing a residence to the foreigners during the construction and the foreign delegations that observe the project’s progress, provide transportations and hotel reservations and arrange meetings and conferences when needed.
  • Sending daily reports to the under-construction project management supported by photos of the site to state the daily work done in the project.

5. Post-operation of factories services

Setting up an independent legal department inside or outside the client’s factory after operation – if required – is one of the important factors of any corporation success, in order to harmonize the corporate needs with the laws, regulations and decrees to put all the company’s decisions in the right frame.

Legal Fair works always to find solutions to the problems and obstacles resulting from issuing new and sudden governmental decrees that may interrupt the work progress, Legal Fair persevere in dealing with the governmental employees regarding the execution of any ambiguous decisions or regulations and also trying to get exceptions or decrees that serve the client’s interests, Legal Fair also works to get facilities that could help the continuation of an industry or a factory such as imposing dumping charges on a certain product imported from abroad and manufactured by the client.

Legal Fair handles all the legal and procedural tasks related to the continuation of the factory’s operation according to the vision and the action plan of the factory’s owner company such as:-

  • Getting the required renewals for all the licenses and approvals of the factory regularly.
  • Getting new licenses and approvals if needed.
  • Coordinate the scheduled and the sudden inspections.
  • Processing the needed amendments in the licenses and approvals of the factory if there’s any, such as adding new activity.
  • Handling the procedures needed for the productive Expansions.
  • Overcoming any obstacles or problems resulting from the governmental decrees that interrupt the work progress in the factory or any of its departments.

6. Settling the legal positions

Legal Fair re-legalizes the factory to be complied with the laws and regulations followed, the most prominent examples of settling the legal positions:-

  • Factories that have been established according to laws precedent to the decree of setting-up the General Authority for Industrial Development.
  • Factories that have been operating without getting the required licenses and approvals.

Legal Fair handles all the procedures of factories’ property transfer or usufruct for others that after checking the factory’s situation in terms of the validity of the licenses and the approvals and not having any contraventions registered on it and also the financial position at the different governmental authorities and the ability to change the factory’s activity.

Legal Fair also handles other procedures in this regard such as:-

  • Conjoining different land plots owned by one company and processing the same activity in order to be treated as one plot of land with same approvals and licenses.
  • Getting licenses for chemical warehouses from the Industrial Control Authority.
  • Getting the approvals to import hazardous chemical materials such as hydrogen Peroxide from IDA and Public Security Authority.
  • Amending the industrial activity of the factory.
  • Adding new activity to the factory.

7. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Out of Legal Fair’s faith of the governmental vision to support Small and medium-sized enterprises and its great positive influence on the Egyptian economy that will also provides job opportunities and contributes in the unemployment crises.

Legal Fair supports these projects through helping in allocating the units of small Industries in the Governorates and the new industrial cities and in getting the licenses and approvals required and also getting loans from Social Fund for Development, Industrial Development Bank or others.

8. Industrial Contracts

Legal Fair drafts all kinds of industrial contracts such as contracts of manufacturing for third parties, contracts of supplying raw materials, packing materials , contracts of manufacturing the packages that reflect the identity of the product, …etc.