Export Support and Development Fund Services

Out of Legal Fair’s belief of the importance of the Egyptian Export Development Fund that is considered one of the governmental organizations that was established as one of the sectors of the Ministry of Trade and Industry aiming to encourage the increment of the Egyptian exports to different countries of the world, through setting supportive programs, policies and mechanisms based on decreasing the burden of the export process by offering financial support to different industrial and commercial sectors.

Legal Fair aims to apply its own vision of the fair equation represented in helping the investors to get financial support in order to encourage them to increase the exports which will reflect positively to the growth of the Egyptian economy generally.

Legal Fair prepares integrated studies to the clients who want to get the support of Export Development Fund, these studies are based on 4 bases as follows:-

  • Whether the client’s exports are subject to the conditions and requirements of the Export Development Fund in order to get the support or not.
  • Whether the factory is subject to the procedures and conditions of registration at the Export Development Fund.
  • Details of the mechanisms and programs of the support percentage applied from the Export Development Fund.
  • Details of the requirements and the procedures followed to get the support per each exported shipment.

After completing the required study, Legal Fair prepares the client’s registration file at the Export Development Fund that contains all the documents, approvals and applications required to be submitted to the Export Development Fund and then follow-up and attend the technical discussions till completing all the registration procedures in the Export Support Fund and hence get the required membership.

Legal Fair has a full professional team specialized in Export Development Fund tasks, because it’s highly important to our clients to get such support, this team prepares all the shipments files, submit and follow-up it with till getting the bank cheque of the support and hand it over to the client, adding to that sending regular and detailed reports to state the status of each exported file.