Drafting and Reviewing Contracts and Agreements

Legal Fair pays special attention to drafting contracts particularly, as it’s considered the first source of the obligations in law, and since Pacta Sunt Servanda; Legal Fair also pays attention to the intentions memorandums of the contracting parties through drafting it professionally in the form of a contract that covers the contractual rights and obligations of all its parties.

Legal Fair drafted a lot of named contracts such as sale contracts of all kinds, lease contracts, supplies contracts, contracting contract, insurance contract, labor contract, heritage division contract, transportation contract of all kinds, customs clearance contract, marketing contract , division and spare contract, partnership company contract, limited partnership contract …etc.

Further; Legal Fair pays a special attention to drafting the unnamed contracts that are usually named “Agreement” and in which the contracting parties legally express their explicit and accurate will that result in a mutual obligation. Such kind of contracts apply to any agreements or deals needed to be documented by its parties.

Generally; contracts are concurrence of the contracting parties’ will, provided that it shall not include items contrary to the public morals or public order.