Corporate and Commercial Sector

  1. Establishing Companies.

  2. Post-establishment Services.

  3. Commercial Contracts.

  4. Companies Merge, Division and liquidation.

  5. Notary Public Services.

  6. International Commercial Agreements.

Legal Fair is one of the legal firms that has a deep experience in the different fields of the corporate and commercial sector, that includes industrial activities of all kinds, commercial activities of all kinds, Agricultural Reclamation activities, animal production, poultry and fishery production activities, tourism investments, oil and gas services, infrastructure, communications technology, transportation activities of all kinds, development of communities, renewable energy, navigation, logistic and financing activities, medical activities, free zones activities whether industrial, warehousing or services, economic zones activities, educational activities and real estate activities.

Legal Fair since its establishment is working in this rich field including:-

  • Procedures of establishing Companies of all kinds.
  • Registration in the commercial register and renewing it.
  • Registration in the Commercial Chambers.
  • Getting the tax card
  • Getting special licenses relating to operating a special activity.
  • Getting the OGM, EGM, board meetings and shares books and the general ledger.
  • Getting approval on the shares deliberation in the Egyptian Joint Stock Companies.
  • Registration in the Export Register.
  • Registration in the Import Register.
  • Procedures of setting up a branch for a foreign company.
  • Procedures of legalizing the balance sheets and financial lists.
  • Amending the company’s Memorandum of Association articles.
  • Procedures of increasing the company’s capital.
  • Procedures of decreasing the company’s capital.
  • Registration in the sales tax.
  • Registration in the social insurance.
  • Registration in the General Organization for Exports and Imports Control.
  • Registration in the Financial Lease (Capital Lease) Record.
  • Publishing in the Investment Magazine.
  • Establishment of Representative offices in Egypt.
  • Free Zones Procedures.
  • Procedures of merging Companies.
  • Procedures of Companies’ liquidation.
  • Procedures of legalization and ratification at the different Real Estate Publicity Departments.
  • Modifying the legal form of companies.
  • Adding new branch to the company.
  • Terminating a current branch from the company.
  • Amending the company’s address.
  • Resignation or dismissal of the company’s auditor.
  • Procedures of shares transfer (exit of a shareholder).
  • Getting the approval of mortgage contracts of all kinds.
  • Temporarily hold of the company’s operation.
  • Getting the approval to get a loan.
  • Resignation or hiring a manager, a board member, or a chairman.
  • Adding or minimizing authorities or powers of any of the company’s managers / board members.
  • Economic Performance Department discussions.
  • Modifying the company’s activity.
  • Modifying the commercial register of the company.
  • Drafting and reviewing all kinds of commercial contracts including mortgage contracts, Commercial Agency Contracts, Privilege Contracts, BOT contracts and loan contracts …etc.

1). Establishing Companies

The strength of any building depends mainly on the strengths of its foundations, the stronger the foundations are, the more solid the building is, and that’s precisely applies on companies’ establishment, and it has to be the right and appropriate foundation to your business.

The proper establishment of the company achieves legal stability and prevents any changes in the company’s policy and directions which will negatively affect the work flow.

Legal Fair knows how to establish a company on the appropriate and suitable legal basis, through the following:-:-

  • Choosing the company’s type according to its activity.
  • Choosing the suitable law regulating the company.
  • Drafting the company’s purpose in the way that achieves its goals.

Through a clear understanding to the client’s needs and a deep analysis of the entire inputs, Legal Fair recommends the perfect type of the company whether it is ……………………………………….. this recommendation comes with a clarification of the characteristics and advantages of the recommended company’s type in comparison with the other companies’ types.

Further; Legal Fair also recommends the perfect law regulating the company whether law no. 159 of 1981 or law no. 8 of 1997, this recommendation comes with a clarification of each law’s characteristics and its expected influence on the company in the future. Then, Legal Fair drafts the company’s activities and adapts it to be compatible with the chosen law and to achieve the company’s targets.

After agreeing on all the above issues, Legal Fair sets a detailed time plan to accomplish the establishment procedures and getting all the required documents.

2). Post-establishment Services

Post–establishment services include getting licenses and approvals needed to start the operation, and renewing the company’s registers in all different governmental records. Further, it includes amending the company’s memorandum of association and commercial register, and legalization the board of directors’ resolutions and the company’s balance sheets before the concerned Governmental Authorities.

Ordinary General Assembly Meetings, Extra-Ordinary General Assembly Meetings and Board of Directors Meetings:-

Legal Fair has a specific policy in categorizing the client’s needs such as (amending the company’s memorandum of association and commercial register, and legalization the board of directors’ resolutions, the company’s balance sheets and the financial lists before the different governmental authorities) through classifying such needs in the appropriate legal template whether to be discussed through OGM, EGM, BOD, or Partners Meeting according to the company’s type.

Legal Fair drafts all the documents of the general meetings of both types and board meetings including the minutes of the meeting and the amendment contracts followed by legalizing such documents in the different governmental authorities till updating the company’s documents.

Special Licenses and Approvals needed to start the operation:-

Legal Fair handles the procedures of getting the licenses and the approvals needed to start the operation after establishing the company since a lot of companies’ activities need special licenses or approvals so they can start operation; for example: export and import companies need an exporting and importing license through registering in the records of exports and imports so they can start their business, and also tourism companies, real estate companies, IT companies, oil and gas companies, animal and fishery production companies and poultry companies.

The renewal of the company’s documents:

Legal Fair manages the renewal procedures of the company’s documents including: renewing the company’s registration in the commercial register at the commercial chambers, renewing the activity license, renewing the tax card, and any other documents relating to the company.

3). Commercial Contracts

Legal Fair excels in drafting and reviewing all kinds of commercial contracts including: commercial mortgage contracts, commercial agency contracts, privilege contracts, BOT contracts, loan contracts, joint venture contracts, and others.

Legal Fair pays a lot of attention to memorandums of understanding of the contracting parties so that it could be turned into a professional contract that can protect the rights and obligations of the contracting parties.

4). Companies Merger, Division and Liquidation

Keeping up with the local and international economic developments is one of Legal Fair’s main concerns. Merging companies is one of these developments, since merging two or more companies forms a powerful and united entity resulting in enlarging the targets of the merged companies.

Legal Fair handles the procedures of companies’ merger of all kinds in order to form a new company having an independent and juristic person that combine a company or more accompanied by terminating the juristic persons of the merged companies and transferring all their assets to the new entity resulted from the merger.

Legal Fair has a full team of specialists and auditors who evaluate the assets and liabilities of each company wishes to be merged to prepare the evaluation report according to the accounting standards, and then discusses such report with the Economic Performance Committee in order to get the required approvals.

Then, Legal Fair resumes the procedures by drafting the merge contract followed by preparing the minutes of the EGM or the Partners Meeting of the companies wish to be merged and completes all the procedures of its legalization till getting all the documents of the new company resulted from the merger.

Finally; Legal Fair handles all legal procedures and the accounting matters of the companies’ division and liquidation.

5). Notary Public Services

Legal Fair classifies the document required to be legalized at the Notary Public in the proper and accurate procedure whether registration, publicity, legalization, ratification, or date authentication.

Legal Fair handles all the procedures of the Notary Public across the Arab Republic of Egypt such as procedures of Power of Attorneys of all kinds, property transfer, cession, sale contracts publicity, date authentication of contracts including the lease contract, ratification of all commercial contracts including the legalization of commercial mortgage contracts at the Banks Notary Public in addition to the civil contracts including the real estate mortgage contracts, and privilege contracts, and legalizing the acknowledgments, witnesses testimony, and registration of Intellectual property.

6). International Commercial Agreements

Legal Fair has a professional team specialized in international commercial law especially international commercial agreements, they prepare detailed researches for each international agreement to state the applicability of its stipulations and conditions on the client’s case. And here are some examples of the International Agreements; EFTA, GAFTA, COMESA, and AGHADIR. These researches include the percentage of the local components that supposed to be in each exported product and whether this agreement is applied on free zones companies or not in addition to the certificates of origin which is considered as the gate to get the approval to apply the agreement on the product such as the Arab certificate of origin, EUR.1 certificate MED-EUR certificate.

Further; Legal Fair takes in consideration the clauses of such agreements while drafting or reviewing the International Trade Contracts.

Corporate and Commercial Sector