Legal Studies and Researches

Legal studies and researches are gathering legal data and information clearly to serve the purpose of the study, Legal Fair has a special Curriculum in preparing these legal studies and researches based on both theoretical and practical sides.

Examples of legal researches that Legal Fair provides regularly:-

  • The legal manual of companies, in which we point to different governmental authorities needed in the procedural process, and also all the licenses and approvals required from the company and fix the date and process of renewing them … etc. Legal manuals are considered one of the most important criteria to get the ISO certificates of all kinds.
  • Standard Operation Procedures “O.P”; in which Legal Fair provides the necessary help to fix the best way that some of the company’s departments shall follow in order to match the company’s needs in conformity with the laws and regulations such as:

Choosing the export system: if the company wishes to work under the customs system “X-Work” in some of its exports, Legal Fair’s report includes that the calculation system followed by the customs department is “CIF”, and hence there are equations in the customs’ regulations that convert “X-Work system” to “CIF system” through random evaluation of the exports that will lead to increase the customs tax.

Key Performance Indicator “KPI’s”, in which Legal Fair helps is fixing the time required to execute the procedures at the governmental authorities in order to reach the best possible quality that will help to evaluate the efficiency of whomever responsible.