Legal FairLegal Fair Law Firm was established in 2004 by Mr. Amgad Mokhtar. Till that moment; Legal Fair was just a thought we were striving to achieve. In a short time; we found that success was closer than we thought, but our current and future challenge is to keep the arrow up. Our Law Firm now is paying much attention to keep our values and quality standards. The clients’ trust is our main target, Their Success is ours; their goals are our noble quest.

Legal Fair Law Firm is so proud to deal with so many respected and reputable clients from all over the world. We never save an effort to achieve clients’ goals; we always do our best to save client’s time and money in a professional way. Through this circulation around the different countries and continents we acquired a deep experience that combines the theoretical and practical legal aspects; the matter that distinguishes Legal Fair from any other law firm.

To introduce our Practice Areas; we need first to indicate that the Legal Consultations are the base of any dealings; Legal Fair is your trusted Legal Advisor for all matters; we don’t stop here, we turn such legal consultation into an action plan within a time frame that can be executed step by step to reach your goal.

Legal Fair excels in providing professional services including:

  • Business Sector: Legal Fair provides its clients with the service of Companies Incorporation of all its kinds under the different investment and companies laws in Egypt. This extends to post-establishment services like:

A) Handling the convention and legalization formalities of Board of Directors Meetings, Ordinary General Assembly Meetings, and Extra-Ordinary General Assembly Meetings.
B) Providing our foreigner clients with Business and Residence Permits in a challenging time.

  • Industrial Sector: Legal Fair provides its clients with unique services relating to the industrial sector in Egypt including the Public and Private Free Zones with their particular nature. We handle the factory operation from the very beginning; starting from the land reservation till the production stage. During the construction and the production stages; we take responsible of turning all expected and unexpected challenges and obstacles into a great success.

  • Litigation: Legal Fair depends on the strict study of the lawsuit facts and sets all possibilities to reach the best result.
  • Drafting and Reviewing Contracts in a very clear and specific form is your main way to protect your rights. Legal Fair sets the precautionary measures to protect our clients from the dispute risks.

In general; Legal Fair Law Firm is paying a special care, in providing all its legal services, to the quality formula that constitutes of zero mistakes, time and save cost.

Legal Fair is one of the Law Firms